Facility Services

The fee at Cheshire Surgery Center is a facility charge. As a courtesy to you, Cheshire Surgery Center will bill your insurance carrier for your facility fee. If your insurance plan requires pre-authorization for outpatient surgery, or if you have a worker’s compensation claim, your surgeon’s office will ensure you are pre-authorized prior to surgery.

The surgery center will verify you have active insurance coverage and will notify you prior to surgery if you owe a co-payment. You can pay your co-payment before or on the day of your surgery by credit card (please no cash or checks). We accept all major credit cards. We do expect payment on the day of surgery.


If you do not have insurance and chose to pay out-of-pocket, the surgery center will contact you to provide an estimated facility charge and the amount due before surgery. An estimated charge for medical implants will also be provided, if applicable. Payment plans can be set up with our billing office for the remaining balance, if necessary. (You will need to contact your other applicable service providers for estimates as well – see below).

On the day of surgery, please bring your insurance ID card(s) and a photo ID along with any co-payment or personal payment for which you are responsible.

If you have any questions about your facility services, please contact our billing office at (860) 667-9542 ext. 308 or (888) 252-7870 ext. 308.


Connecticut Notice- the Surprise Billing law

Good Faith Estimate Notice